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About blobs

Blobs are funky and strange intelligent creatures. They are very sociable and curious. It is difficult to say where exactly is their world as it is located in a different space-time continuum. Any descriptions of it is only partly correct because there are no adequate definitions neither in our dictionary, nor in our terms.
Therefore, all further description is based on the totality of our perceptions about blobs and described in terms that are accessible to our understanding. Name of these creatures comes from the word "blob" (bubble) due to our understanding of their form and movement.
Megablob, which is both intelligent creature and the planet, is the World of these creatures. It is millions of times greater than the size of any individual blob. Megablob possesses all the amount of knowledge and experience gained by blobs.
At certain points of time single blobs detach from Megablob and begin to live their own lives: move, accumulate knowledge. At the same time other blobs are absorbed by Megablob. More precisely, they are integrated into him and give him all the knowledge they accumulated and experienced.
The striking feature of the blobs world is a variety of colors: it is infinite, and the vast majority of colors can not be described or replicated in the human world. The main characteristic of blobs like creatures that do not have a static form, is the color.